Why Steam Vapour is Effective in Cleaning Process

The benefits of steam vapour is well documented, through various industrial and commercial cleaners where they produces the power of dry steam for multiple purposes such as cleaning, degreasing and sanitising all in once. Dry steam cleaning is the tomorrow’s eco-friendly process that cleans even the most stubborn, hard and greasy dirt from places that are difficult to reach.  Walls, floors, even small holes, crevices and grooves can be easily cleaned without using chemicals.

Steam vapour can save up to 30% labour costs due to ease of use, slashes 80% on chemical costs and saves 90% disinfectant costs, because the steam vapour is a natural agent that can be achieved by heating the water to produce superheated vapour.

Benefits of steam vapour include:

  • Economical: It works effectively in less time, reducing downtime required for cleaning.
  • Effective: It is a less dependent on operator process, since manual scrubbing is not required, the surface can be thermally sanitised and dried with power of steam vapour
  • Eco-friendly:  The steam vapour eliminates the need for solvents, and other toxic cleaning substances.

How the steam vapour works:

The power of steam vapour technology cleans with highest pressure and is one of the effective ways to maintain the highest cleaning standards. Only high temperature saturated steam can clean and sanitise the surfaces by penetrating deep into the pores.

The heat of vapour melts the bond between the dirt and the surface, which gives the moisture that holds the dirt in suspension until it can be wiped away or vacuumed with the optional vacuum cleaner. The treated surfaces then later dry almost instantly.

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