Will there be any extra hidden costs?

We absolutely does not charge any hidden or extra fees. Besides, we like to keep our customer informed first.

How do I prepare for a clean?

With all cleaning work to take place, we would like to ask that you secure loose things, and cover surfaces that does not need cleaning. If possible, minimise the number of items in a room. We require all properties to have access to hot water and electricity to maximise the cleaning process.

Do I need to supply anything?

The cleaning quote we provide you prior to cleaning also includes the use of our cleaning equipment, professional cleaner(s) and cleaning products.

Do I need to sign a contract?

We do have a contract between parties. However, this is not a fixed term contract and goes from a clean to clean basis. All we ask is that you give us notice should you wish to cancel the service. We prefer to work on customer satisfaction and merit rather than tie you into contracts.